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Cres Island - Cres -

Cres Island - Cres

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The port town of Cres is located on the island of the same name in Croatia, which administratively belongs to the county of Primorje-Gorski Kotar. It is the largest settlement on the island and represents the administrative center.
The town is also the most important tourist center on Cres. The town of Cres is located on the west coast of the island, in the northern part of a deep, mild bay. Precisely because of its location, it has been known since ancient times as a suitable shelter from bad weather. It is not without reason that a modern marina with many moorings and quality services was created in the Bay of Cres, south of the settlement. Cres is a typical example of a settlement with a dominant Venetian influence. Another name for Cres could be island or small Venice. Numerous coats of arms on the facades and thresholds of buildings testify to the former status of the inhabitants, from heavy workers to fishermen, blacksmiths and others. Another part of the city's characteristics is represented by the Cres Harbor, which is a port within a port. Harbor is deeply rooted in the old town and is an integral part of the Cres square. The old city center was once surrounded by city walls, and the city was entered through the city gates. People came through the main city gate from the city square in the port. The current Renaissance shape of the door dates back to 1552, when it was restored.
Cres has many cultural and historical attractions, such as the northern city gate, the southern small city gate, the round corner tower, the church of St. Mary of the Snows, the Franciscan monastery, the Benedictine monastery, the palace of the Petris family, the church of St. Mary Magdalene, a column with a capital from the 7th-8th century, which is the oldest medieval art monument in the city.


Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Cres Island - Cres

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Cres Island - Cres
Cres - Square Frane Petrica

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Cres - St. Sidara (Isidore) Church

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Cres - St. Mikula Church

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Cres - St. Kuzma Church

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Cres - St. George Church

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Cres - Municipal Loggia

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Cres - Monastery St. Peter

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Cres - Monastery St. Francis

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Cres - Market place

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Cres - Marina Cres

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Cres - Harbor

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Cres - Hotel Kimen

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Cres - Hotel Cres

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Cres - Harbor Masters Office

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Cres - Cove Piskel

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Cres - City Museum

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Cres - City Management

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Cres - Town Tower

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Cres - City Clock

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Cres - Church St. Mary of the Snow

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Cres - Carneval

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Cres - Camp Kovacine

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Cres - Beach Grabar

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