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Osor - Restaurant Livio -

Osor - Restaurant Livio

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  • Benedictine Monastery and Church of St. Peter
  • Bishop's Castle
  • Bridge Cres-Losinj-Kavuada (Cavata) Pass
  • Cathedral of Mary Assumption
  • Church of St. Gaudentius
  • Main Street
  • Marina
  • Old Harbour Area
  • Restaurant Adria
  • Restaurant Livio
  • Town Beach
  • Town Hall and Archeological Collection
  • Town Square
  • Town Walls

  • Interactive map with sights

    Osor is a picturesque historical twon located on the southwestern part of the island of Cres. It is located at the place where the drawbridge connects the islands of Cres and Losinj. The settlement was inhabited already in prehistoric times and is more than 4,000 years old.
    The largest local attraction is the main square with the town hall, the bishop's palace, the loggia and the cathedral of St. Mary. Most of the buildings date from the 15th and 16th centuries. There is also a tourist office here, where they provide all the necessary information. Classical music concerts are held in the cathedral during the summer. Osor is surrounded by partially preserved city walls, along which there are also the remains of a former cemetery and the ruins of a Benedictine monastery. The ruins of a former Franciscan monastery lie in the Bay of Bijar with a sandy beach, which is slightly outside Osor. Visitors can enjoy a varied and rich culinary offer on the island of Losinj and Cres. The main specialties are fresh sea fish, squid and shrimp in various ways, lamb and shellfish. The dishes are made according to traditional recipes.
    There are several catering establishments in Osor, among them the pizzeria Orfej, the restaurant Adria, the tavern Bonifacic and the restaurant Livio, which is located in the very old part of the village. Livio tavern offers a large selection of pizzas, pasta, fish and meat specialties, and lamb.


    Restaurant Livio - Osor - Restaurant Livio

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    Osor - Restaurant Livio
    Restaurant Livio - Osor - Restaurant Livio

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    Osor - Restaurant Livio
    Restaurant Livio - Osor - Restaurant Livio

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    Osor - Restaurant Livio
    Restaurant Livio - Osor - Restaurant Livio

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    Osor - Restaurant Livio

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