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Cres-Losinj Island

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The islands of Cres and Losinj are located in the area of Kvarner. It is the largest archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, which consists of 36 islands. The landscape is beautiful and like a fairy tale, full of history and legends.
Cres is characterized by barren hills with bare walls to protect against the storm, and next to them vineyards, gardens and pastures with flocks of sheep. More than 300 different types of fragrant plants grow on the island of Cres, which are a treat for sheep. Because of this, their cheese and meat have a special taste. The southern part of the island of Cres is dotted with olive groves and vineyards, and vultures nest on the cliffs northeast of the town of Cres. Osor Strait connects the island of Cres with the island of Losinj. The most interesting places on the island are the town of Cres, Osor, Lubenice, Martinscica, Orlec, Lake Vrana, Valun, Beli and others. Due to its favorable climate and subtropical vegetation, Losinj has established itself as a spa and tourist island. For several centuries, the main source of food was animal husbandry and agriculture, but the sea has always been a basic wealth. The most interesting places on the island are Mali Losinj, Veli Losinj, Nerezine, Punta Kriza and the nearby islands of Unije, Ilovik and Sisak. In 1869, Mali Losinj boasted 147 ships that could also travel to the coasts of Africa and America. With the establishment of steamboats and the departure of shipowners, a diverse tourist activity began to develop on the archipelago.
Losinj is characterized by beautiful bays, villages with centuries-old traditions, small towns - museums in the Venetian style and islands with intense smells. The islands of Cres and Losinj are known for their exceptional culinary offer, which includes many seafood delicacies, lamb, homemade pasta and olive oil.

Most Beautiful Trips

Cres-Losinj Island - Porozina

Photo: 10603000-22

Cres-Losinj Island - Viewpoint-Turning for Beli

Photo: 10610000-17

Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> Cres

Photo: 10611000-7

Cres Island


Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> Valun

Photo: 10616000-20

Cres Island


Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> Martinscica

Photo: 10617000-7

Cres Island


Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> 45 Latitude

Photo: 10619000-9

Cres Island

45 Latitude

Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island  <br> Lake Vrana

Photo: 10620000-0

Cres Island

Lake Vrana

Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> Ustrine

Photo: 10620200-0

Cres Island


Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> Orlec - Beach Mali bok

Photo: 10621050-9

Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> Punta Kriza

Photo: 10630000-1

Cres Island

Punta Kriza

Cres-Losinj Island - Punta Kriza <br> Ul

Photo: 10631000-3

Punta Kriza


Cres-Losinj Island - Cres Island <br> Osor

Photo: 10660000-1

Cres Island


Cres-Losinj Island - Osor <br> Basilica of St. Mary

Photo: 10660100-0

Cres-Losinj Island - Osor <br> Town Walls

Photo: 10660800-2

Cres-Losinj Island - Osor <br> Cathedral of Mary Assumption

Photo: 10661500-9

Cres-Losinj Island - Losinj Island <br> Mali Losinj

Photo: 10680000-22

Losinj Island

Mali Losinj

Cres-Losinj Island - Cikat <br> Veli Zal Beach

Photo: 10680900-5

Cres-Losinj Island - Losinj Island <br> Veli Losinj

Photo: 10690000-22

Losinj Island

Veli Losinj

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