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Dubrovnik - Dubrovniško mestno obzidje


Most Beautiful Trips - Dubrovnik with neighbourhood

Dubrovnik - Walls of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik - Dominican Monastery
Dubrovnik - Franciscan monastery
Dubrovnik - Rector's Palace
Dubrovnik - Fort Lovrijenac
Dubrovnik - Placa (Stradun)

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Dubrovnik is a historic and port city located in the southern part of Croatia. The place is the administrative center of the Dubrovnik - Neretva parish and one of the four largest cities in Dalmatia. Dalmatia is divided into four districts, whose main cities are, in addition to Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik and Zadar. Dubrovnik is a beautiful Mediterranean city, which is one of the most famous and visited resorts on the Adriatic coast.
According to legend, the city was created by the collapse and destruction of the ancient Roman city in the 7th century. Later, the place developed into an important trading force and the center of a small town, the Republic of Dubrovnik, which existed until 1808. The patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik is Saint Blaise, whose image is noticeable in many areas - on the city walls, in the port, in churches, palaces, on the facades of buildings, at the entrance to the city and elsewhere. Dubrovnik has many cultural and historical sights that are present at every step.
Attractions include the Pil Gate, the oldest city gate, the Lazaret, the city quarantine, the Minceta Tower, the Minceta Fortress, the Arsenal, which is a shipyard and military warehouse, the Sponza Palace, the Prince's Palace, the Pile, the Gruz port, Bokar Fortress, St. Ivan, Mortuary bell, Revelin, Lovrijenac and others. The main street of the city is called Stradun. The city is surrounded by walls, along which we can walk and admire the picturesque views of the old town and the sea area.


Dubrovnik - Walls of Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik - Pile Gate

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Dubrovnik - Fort Bokar

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Dubrovnik - Tower Puncjela

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Dubrovnik - Fort Minceta

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Dubrovnik - Placa (Stradun)

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Dubrovnik - St. Saviour Church

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Dubrovnik - Big Onofrio's Fountain

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Dubrovnik - Orlando's Column

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Dubrovnik - Bell Tower and Bell Lounge

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Dubrovnik - Pred Dvorom

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Dubrovnik - The Bassegli-Gozze Palace

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Dubrovnik - Small Onofrio's Fountain

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Dubrovnik - St. Blaise Church

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Dubrovnik - Main Guard Building

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Dubrovnik - Cathedral

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Dubrovnik - Rector's Palace

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Dubrovnik - Rector's Palace <br> Atrium

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Rector's Palace


Dubrovnik - Rector's Palace <br> Spalnica

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Dubrovnik - Dominican Monastery

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Dubrovnik - Church of St. Ignatius

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Dubrovnik - Franciscan monastery

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Dubrovnik - Revelin Fortress

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Dubrovnik - Park Pile

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Dubrovnik - Fort Lovrijenac

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Dubrovnik - Lazareti (Quarantine) <br> Lazareti

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Dubrovnik - Banje Beach

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