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Istria -


Savudrija - Port
Umag - Trg slobode (Liberty Square)
Umag - Coast (south side)
Zambratija - Beach
Umag - City beach

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Croatian Istria is a peninsula in the north of the Adriatic Sea. The most famous seaside towns are Pula, Medulin, Labin, Rabac, Rovinj, Vrsar, Funtana, Porec, Umag and Novigrad. In the hinterland of Istria, picturesque medieval towns such as Motovun, Buzet, Pazin, Roc and others have been preserved.
Istrian towns represent a real pearl of ancient cultural tradition. Istria is the largest Adriatic peninsula and the most western county in the Republic of Croatia. The administrative center of Istria is the city of Pazin, and the economic center is the city of Pula. The following rivers flow in Istria: Mirna, Dragonja and Rasa. Istria is the largest green oasis in the northern Adriatic. Pine forests and green macchia predominate on the islands and along the coast. The main representatives of macchia are berry and blackberry. The sea temperature is lowest in March and highest in August. In Istria, there are many accommodations in hotels, resorts, camps and private accommodation.
Istria offers many natural and cultural attractions, unspoiled and clean beaches with crystal clear water, a varied culinary offer, opportunities for many sports activities and relaxation in wellness centers.

Most Beautiful Trips

Istria - Porec <br> Euphrasius basilica

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Istria - Vrsar <br> Old Town Centre

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Istria - Jama Baredine

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Istria - Sveti Lovrec

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Istria - Rovinj <br> Church of St Euphemia

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Istria - Naturist Camp Valalta

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Istria - Lim Bay

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Istria - Dvigrad Castle

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Istria - Bale

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Istria - Pula Arena

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Istria - Kamenjak

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Istria - Vodnjan

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Istria - Motovun

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Istria - Novigrad <br> City Harbour-Mandrac

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Istria - Mramornica Cave

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Istria - Buzet

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Istria - Istarske toplice

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Istria - Pazin

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Istria - Umag

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Istria - Rabac

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Istria - Labin

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