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The Croatian coast is called a narrow strip along the coast from the bay of Preluk near Volosko to the mouth of the river Zrmanja. Some call it Kvarner after the largest bay in the Adriatic - Kvarner.
The warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea are flooding from the southern part of Kvarner. From the northern part it is protected by Ucka with rich forests, the slopes of Risnjak and Velika Kapela and the Velebit mountain. The Kvarner Bay or Kvarner includes all Kvarner islands, such as the larger Cres, Krk, Rab, Pag, Losinj and smaller islands such as Susak, Ilovik and Unije. The coastal strip is narrow, rocky and full of small bays. This also includes the Velebit Channel and Bakar Bay. On the islands, the bays are larger and more fragmented. The Kvarner area has several interesting and picturesque towns - Gorski kotar, a mountain oasis of untouched nature, the coast from Rijeka to Karlobag and islands.
Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia and the largest port, tourist and traffic center and university center. The Kvarner islands are very developed in the field of tourism. Krk is the largest Adriatic island and the cradle of Glagolitic.

Most Beautiful Trips

Kvarner - Rijeka <br> Korzo

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Kvarner - Bakar

Photo: 10100001-0

Kvarner - Kraljevica

Photo: 10101001-0

Kvarner - Bakarac

Photo: 10101200-0

Kvarner - Crikvenica

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Kvarner - Grizane-Belgrad <br> Church of St. Martin

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Church of St. Martin

Kvarner - Drivenik <br> Drivenik Castle

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Kvarner - Krk Island <br> Krk Bridge

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Krk Island

Krk Bridge

Kvarner - Krk Island <br> Cave Biserujka

Photo: 10310000-0

Krk Island

Cave Biserujka

Kvarner - Krk Island <br> Kosljun

Photo: 10320000-0

Krk Island


Kvarner - Krk Island <br> Krk

Photo: 10370000-0

Krk Island


Kvarner - Krk <br> Baska

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Kvarner - Opatija

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Kvarner - The Coastal Walk of Franz Joseph I <br> Lovran-Ika

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The Coastal Walk of F...


Kvarner - Lovran <br> Trg sv. Jurja (St. George Square)

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Kvarner - Moscenicka Draga <br> Sipar Beach

Photo: 10480012-4

Moscenicka Draga

Sipar Beach

Kvarner - Moscenice

Photo: 10490000-2

Kvarner - Rab Island <br> Ferry

Photo: 10500010-0

Rab Island


Kvarner - Rab Island <br> Rab

Photo: 10501000-0

Rab Island


Kvarner - Rab Island <br> Stolac Beach

Photo: 10514000-0

Rab Island

Stolac Beach

Kvarner - Cres Island <br> Cres

Photo: 10611000-7

Cres Island


Kvarner - Cres Island <br> Osor

Photo: 10660000-1

Cres Island


Kvarner - Losinj Island <br> Mali Losinj

Photo: 10680000-22

Losinj Island

Mali Losinj

Kvarner - Cikat <br> Veli Zal Beach

Photo: 10680900-5

Kvarner - Losinj Island <br> Veli Losinj

Photo: 10690000-22

Losinj Island

Veli Losinj

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