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    Cikat is a beautiful wooded peninsula that stretches on the southern part of the island of Mali Losinj, about two kilometers west of the center of Mali Losinj. Cikat Bay is a symbol of Losinj, which attracts many local and foreign visitors.
    Since time immemorial, many nature lovers have found their paradise among the pine trees of Cikat, as evidenced by the Austrian aristocratic villas and modern hotels, swimming pools, campsites and sports fields. Cikat is characterized by a favorable climate, even in winter, aromatic herbs and sea water, which is healing for people with respiratory diseases and asthma. On the cape near Cikat, there is the Church of the Annunciation from 1534. It stands on a rock, and it was in this place that captains and sailors used to say goodbye to their loved ones. The uniqueness of Cikat Bay was first recognized by the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, who built holiday residences and numerous villas along the coast of Cikat. The oldest villa is Adelma, which was built in 1895, and the most interesting is the pink villa Carola or Karolina, which is known for the mysterious love story between a Viennese actress and the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. In the inner part of Cikat Bay, there is a bronze statue of the famous Losinj professor Ambroz Haracic. Professor Haracic devoted his life to the study of the vegetation and climate of the island of Losinj, and based on his findings, Mali and Veli Losinj became known as climatic spas.
    The professor was also active in the field of afforestation with pine trees, and it is precisely because of this that we can walk through the Cikat forest park and enjoy the pleasant shade of the dense tall pine forest.


    Cikat - Veli Zal Beach

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