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North Dalmatia -

North Dalmatia

Vransko Lake - Educational Trail Birds of Vransko Lake
Petrcane - Beach
St Anthony's Channel - St Nicholas’ Fortress
St Anthony's Channel - Promenade to St Nicholas' Fortress
Skradin - Trg Male Gospe Square

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Dalmatia is a region of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, which mostly extends to the territory of Croatia. Dalmatia consists of islands, coast and inland landscape. It is separated from the interior by high karst plateaus.
The coast is one of the most articulated in Europe, and there are many islands along it. The islands and coast are divided into Central, Southern and Northern Dalmatia. Dalmatia is divided into four districts, whose capitals are Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Split and Zadar. Northern Dalmatia stretches from the islands of Silba and Oliba and the central part of the island of Pag in the northwest to the islands of Zmajan, Zirje and Zlarin in the southeast, to the Novigrad Sea, Ravnik districts and the river Zrmanja and Zadar-Biograd coastal parts to Primosten. The North Dalmatian islands are divided into the Sibenik and Zadar groups.
There are over 550 islets, islands and cliffs in this area. In front of the coast there are island groups and islands that run parallel to the coastal part. The inhabited islands are Iz, Dugi otok, Murter, Pasman, Molat, Zirje, Ugljan and Sestrunj and are well used despite the poor agricultural opportunities. Cultivated areas were acquired by shrinking and erecting stone fences. On the coastal part there are smaller and larger towns, which are important tourist centers and have a diverse historical past such as: Murter, Biogrand na Moru, Novigrad, Donji Karin, Pakostane, Primosten, Obrovac, Nin, Sibenik, Zadar and Vodice.
Throughout the area of Northern Dalmatia there are many coves and bays that offer safe shelter from high waves and strong winds. In summer, a mistral wind blows between the islands and canals, which is a favorite wind for sailing enthusiasts. There are two important rivers in the area of Northern Dalmatia, namely the Zrmanja and the Krka, which paved their way to the sea. The streams break through narrow gorges to the shores. Both rivers are also navigable a few kilometers from the mouth to the interior.
Northern Dalmatia has many natural sights, such as the Telascica Nature Park on the island of Dugi otok, the Kornati National Park, which is the most articulated group of islands in the Mediterranean, the Krka National Park and the Vrana Lake Nature Park near Pakostane.

Most Beautiful Trips

North Dalmatia - Starigrad

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North Dalmatia - NP Paklenica <br> Velika Paklenica

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NP Paklenica

Velika Paklenica

North Dalmatia - NP Paklenica <br> Viewpoint

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NP Paklenica


North Dalmatia - NP Paklenica <br> Mala Paklenica

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NP Paklenica

Mala Paklenica

North Dalmatia - Obrovac

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North Dalmatia - Maslenica Bridge

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North Dalmatia - NP Krka

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North Dalmatia - Skradin

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North Dalmatia - Sibenik

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North Dalmatia - Zadar

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North Dalmatia - Nin

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North Dalmatia - Biograd na Moru <br> Church of St. Anastasia

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North Dalmatia - Pakostane

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North Dalmatia - Vransko Lake <br> Educational Trail Birds of Vransko Lake

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North Dalmatia - Primosten

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North Dalmatia - Pag Island <br> Pag

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Pag Island


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