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Porec - Euphrasius basilica

The Euphrasian Basilica is located in the old town of Porec. The basilica is the most valuable cultural monument in Porec and the best preserved monument of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean. The Euphrasian Basilica was built in the middle of the 6th century on the foundations of the previous three-nave basilica in the time of Emperor Justinian I and Bishop Euphrasius, after whom it was named. The entire basilica complex consists of the following buildings: the Gothic-style basilica, the parish church, the Mauro pulpit, the trikora, the sacristy, the baptistery, the bell tower and the nearby ep...

Naturist Park Koversada

The Naturist Park Koversada is situated at the entrance of the Lim Bay, near Vrsar in Istria, Croatia. Camp is one of the most popular naturist camps in Europe that has opened its doors back in the year 1961. Camping complex has everything you need for holidays: restaurants, shops, bars, gas filling station, ambulant and sanitary buildings. It offers not only camping on arranged camping pitches, but as well rental of mobile homes, apartments and caravans that can be rented through different agencies. The apartments offer all the comfort of the home. All apartmenst are equipped with kitchen, bathroom w...


Visnjan is a small Istrian settlement in Croatia, the seat of the municipality of the same name, which administratively belongs to the Istria County. This is the most western county of Croatia, covering most of the area of the Istrian peninsula. The official center is Pazin, which is located in the geographical center of the peninsula. The municipality of Visnjan stretches between the Lim Channel in the south and the Mirna River in the north, only about 15 kilometers from the city of Porec. Visnjan lies on top of a hill and is surrounded by fields, meadows, and forests of white hornbeam and oak. The n...

Vrsar - Parish Church of St Martin

Vrsar is one of the most attractive towns in Istria. It is located on a high hill by the sea and is surrounded by green islets and cherms. The biggest attractions of the city are the parish church of St. Martin, the municipal palace with a bell and the church of St. Mary by the harbor. Emperor Otto III. donated the city to the Porec bishops in 983. The diocese was the owner of the land until 1778. The authorities fortified the town with a manor house, which is now a palace, and surrounded it with towers and walls. On the square under Vrsar, there are the city gates and the three-altar church of St. Fo...


Vrsar is a picturesque town, only about ten kilometers from Porec . The place is recognizable as a typical Istrian castle settlement. People used to be engaged in viticulture and fishing, but today tourism predominates. There are a number of islets scattered on the sea, which emphasize the picturesqueness of the surroundings. There were Illyrian forts on the surrounding hills, which is a special feature of the Istrian landscape, especially around the hinterland of the Lim Bay. Traces of the Roman settlement of Ursaria remain in the port and the surrounding area, such as villas and aqueducts. The ancien...

Porec - Round Defense Tower

Porec is an interesting tourist town located on the west coast of Istria. The Porec Riviera stretches from the Lim Channel in the south and to the Mirna River Valley in the north. Tourist centers are Zelena Laguna, Bijela Uvala, Plava Laguna, Brulo, Spadici, Materada, Ulika, Cervar-Porat and Lanterna. The trademark of Porec are clean and tidy beaches and many islands. Porec has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The city developed on the basis of Roman architecture and to this day the orthogonal urban layout of the streets has been preserved, with picturesque Romanesque buildings and Venetian Go...

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