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    Pula is a seaside town in Croatia, located in the south of the Istrian peninsula. It is the largest town in Istria County, known for its calm sea, beautiful nature and mild climate. Pula is characterized by a long tradition of fishing, winemaking, shipbuilding, transit ports and tourism.
    Pula is a city with many cultural and historical monuments, among which the most famous are the Pula Arena, the Temple of Augustus, the Arc de Triomphe - the Golden Gate, the Iron and Glass Market, the town hall, the mosaic of punishing the Race, double gates and city walls, Forum, Hercules Gate , church and monastery of St. Francis, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Orthodox Church of St. Nikola, Kastel Castle, Archaeological Museum of Istria, naval cemetery, small Roman theater, House of the Armed Forces and more. In addition to monuments, Pula has many galleries, theater - Istrian National Theater, cinema, libraries, Aquarium Pula and more. An interesting tour of the tourist attractions in Pula would not be complete without a walk through the beautiful and preserved parks. Each park is proud of its arrangement and style, and most of them were created during the Austro-Hungarian rule. The largest city park is Monte Zaro, while others include Hugues Park, Giardini, Park under the Arena, Naval Park, Franc Jozef Park, Graz City Park, Valerija Park, Peter Kresimir IV Park, Tito Park, Riva and others.
    Pula boasts restaurants that offer excellent specialties with a variety of foreign influences. In addition, the city offers many accommodations, opportunities for sports and recreation, entertainment in casinos, discos and bars.


    Pula - Pula Arena

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    Pula - Pula Arena

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    Pula - Pula Arena

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    Pula - Pula Arena

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    Pula - Pula Arena

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    Pula - Pula Arena

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    Pula - Pula Marina

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