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Rogoznica - Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa

Rogoznica - Marina Frapa

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Rogoznica - Lake Zmajevo oko (Dragon's eye)
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Rogoznica - Obala Kneza Domagoja

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    Marina Frapa is located in the coastal town of Rogoznica, between the historic towns of Sibenik and Split. It is one of the most beautiful and best equipped marinas in the Mediterranean. The modern, elegant and noble ambience radiates peace and hospitality.
    The marina is located in the bay of Soline, which is protected from all sides by the weather. The coastal complex includes ten piers, which together offer about 450 fully equipped berths and 150 berths for vessels in the protected area. The modern resort includes the Frapa Hotel, a restaurant with a rich gastronomic offer, a popular sushi bar, a confectionery with the most delicious desserts, a nightclub and many bars, the most notable of which is the exotic underwater bar. The hotel is open all year round. One part of the complex is located on the island part, while the other is on the mainland. All accommodation units are modern, air conditioned, spacious and fully equipped. They offer a beautiful view of the entire marina Frapa and the bay Rogoznica. Prices at Hotel Frapa include breakfast, uncovered parking, Wi-Fi access, fitness and use of the outdoor pool. Diverse offer, high quality services, professional and friendly staff ensure a pleasant stay. The marina is an ideal place to organize various events such as weddings, business meetings, birthday celebrations and more. The resort has a spacious conference room, a sports center and an outdoor pool with a pool bar offering beautiful views. Within the marina there is also a shop, laundry, exchange office, private parking, car rental, boat rental, souvenir shop, nautical equipment store, Tesla charger and clothing store. Marina Frapa has been one of the most popular holiday destinations for visitors from all over the world since 1998. The blue flag marina confirms the commitment and respect for the environment and the preservation of natural harmony. It is also a partner of the ecological movement that supports sustainable tourism.
    Near the marina is a beautiful natural phenomenon called Lake Dragon's Eye, which has not yet become a tourist attraction. The lake is popular among the locals, as the sea water in it warms up earlier than in the sea and is thus suitable for swimming early in the year.


    Marina Frapa - Rogoznica - Marina Frapa

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    Rogoznica - Marina Frapa
    Marina Frapa - Path to Marina Frapa

    Photo: 30410044-1

    Path to Marina Frapa
    Marina Frapa - Bridge over the channel

    Photo: 30410044-2

    Bridge over the channel
    Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa in Rogoznica

    Photo: 30410044-3

    Marina Frapa in Rogoznica
    Marina Frapa - Path over the bridge

    Photo: 30410044-4

    Path over the bridge
    Marina Frapa - Bridge for pedestrians

    Photo: 30410044-5

    Bridge for pedestrians
    Marina Frapa - Rogoznica - Hotel Otok

    Photo: 30410044-6

    Rogoznica - Hotel Otok
    Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa

    Photo: 30410044-7

    Marina Frapa
    Marina Frapa - Yachts

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    Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa - Yachts

    Photo: 30410044-9

    Marina Frapa - Yachts
    Marina Frapa - Yachts, boats, etc.

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    Yachts, boats, etc.
    Marina Frapa - Path along the Marina Frapa

    Photo: 30410044-11

    Path along the Marina Frapa
    Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa and Rogoznica in the background

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    Marina Frapa and Rogoznica in the background
    Marina Frapa - Anchor

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    Marina Frapa - Sailing boats

    Photo: 30410044-14

    Sailing boats
    Marina Frapa - Rogoznica and Marina Frapa

    Photo: 30410044-15

    Rogoznica and Marina Frapa
    Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa - Sailing boats

    Photo: 30410044-16

    Marina Frapa - Sailing boats
    Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa - Cristal Club

    Photo: 30410044-17

    Marina Frapa - Cristal Club
    Marina Frapa - Pool

    Photo: 30410044-18

    Marina Frapa - Sculpture

    Photo: 30410044-19

    Marina Frapa - Tennis

    Photo: 30410044-20

    Marina Frapa - Children's playground

    Photo: 30410044-21

    Children's playground
    Marina Frapa - Marina Frapa - Plan (map)

    Photo: 30410044-22

    Marina Frapa - Plan (map)
    Marina Frapa - Passage to the island

    Photo: 30410044-23

    Passage to the island
    Marina Frapa - Channel in the direction of Rogoznica

    Photo: 30410044-24

    Channel in the direction of Rogoznica
    Marina Frapa - View back on the Marina Frapa

    Photo: 30410044-25

    View back on the Marina Frapa
    Marina Frapa - Hotel Otok

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    Hotel Otok

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