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Rogoznica - Aquarium Park - Park Akvarij

Rogoznica - Aquarium Park

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Rogoznica - Aquarium Park
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    The aquarium is located near the Rogoznica bridge, in the area of the renovated Aquarium park along the coastal promenade. It covers the area of the former island of Kopera. The public marine aquarium is an interesting attraction with which they want to show the diverse life in the sea.
    The grand opening of the unique public marine aquarium in the renovated park in Rogoznica, on the new Riva, took place in the summer of 2013. The aquarium is 12 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and filled with sea water. It is home to marine species that are well tolerated. Locals and other visitors can admire the park ambience and the varied sea life behind the glass. The aquarium is home to sea bream, octopuses, sea urchins, starfish and other fishes. The largest attraction is the blue shark. It is one of the domestic species of sharks, of which there are about 29 in the Adriatic Sea. It is not a dangerous species, although it hides three types of teeth in its jaws and its back is adorned with characteristic fins. The aquarium was set up by the municipality of Rogoznica as part of the renovated park. The entire project cost the municipality around two million kuna. Sea bream, groupers, sea cats swim in the aquarium, and there is also an octopus on the seabed covered with sea urchins and starfish. The greatest interest of many tourists at the opening was caused by three small sharks. Already on the first evening, the aquarium was visited by hundreds of visitors, and the most curious were the children. The aquarium represents an educational and ecological dimension. Walkers can watch the sea fish day and night.
    Next to the aquarium is an information board that describes the inhabitants of the aquarium in more detail. Opposite the aquarium are benches. Within the park there is also a green island with a children's playground. The park is beautifully landscaped and maintained, Mediterranean plants, trees and spices are planted.


    Aquarium Park - Park Aquarium

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    Park Aquarium
    Aquarium Park - Flowers

    Photo: 30410030-1

    Aquarium Park - Aquarium and information about animals

    Photo: 30410030-2

    Aquarium and information about animals
    Aquarium Park - Information about animals

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    Information about animals
    Aquarium Park - Rogoznica - Park Aquarium

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    Rogoznica - Park Aquarium
    Aquarium Park - Aquarium

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    Aquarium Park - Park Aquarium in Rogoznica

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    Park Aquarium in Rogoznica
    Aquarium Park - Park Aquarium - Fishes

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    Park Aquarium - Fishes
    Aquarium Park - Rogoznica - Park Aquarium

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    Rogoznica - Park Aquarium
    Aquarium Park - Path in the park

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    Path in the park
    Aquarium Park - Plants

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    Aquarium Park - Children's playground

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    Children's playground

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