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Rogoznica - Gornji Muli Beach - Plaža Gornji Muli

Rogoznica - Gornji Muli Beach

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    Rogoznica with its more than 50 km long coastline offers a large selection of beautiful beaches. These are mostly pebble, concrete and natural rocky beaches. Most of the beaches are easiest to see by bike, which are offered for a cheap rental in Rogoznica.
    Some beaches are located right next to the village, others are hidden in natural bays. Rogoznica is known for its clear sea, the beauty of untouched nature and indigenous greenery. The environment offers peace and relaxation that are the complete opposite of modern urban life. Pebble and rocky beaches with access to the sea and paved areas are Lozica 3, Crljina, Gornji Muli, Kopara, Zatoglav, Loljinica - Mezaroca, Kalebova luka, Stivasnica, Malo Zecevo, Zecevo, Kanica and Ostricka luka. Pebble beaches are Sepurina, Lozica 1, Lozica 2, Miline, Gradina, Stupin - Celine, Racice, Art and Varos Razanj. There are natural beaches on the island of Jaz and by the lake Zmajevo oko. Marina Frapa has a swimming pool at an additional cost. Gornji Muli beach is located on the island of Rogoznica, near the center of Rogoznica. The beach can be accessed by car, and lovers of active holidays can take a walk or bike through the beautifully landscaped coastal promenade leading to the beach. Gornji Muli beach is rocky and partially concreted, so sunbathing is more comfortable on it. It is surrounded by nature, tranquility and clear sea, providing a relaxing and romantic holiday. Towards evening, visitors can admire the sunset, which leaves no one indifferent. Near the beach Gornji Muli is a beach bar, ideal for enjoying morning coffee and refreshments with cold drinks from the summer heat. The bar offers a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding mainland. There is also a tavern and pizzeria by the beach, where you can try local specialties such as grilled fish or octopus. Homemade pizzas are also available.
    Near the beach is the apartment complex Ružmarin. All modern apartments are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and pine forest. Not far from the apartments there is a restaurant, shop, children's playground and tennis court.


    Gornji Muli Beach - Rogoznica - Gornji Muli Beach

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    Rogoznica - Gornji Muli Beach
    Gornji Muli Beach - Gornji Muli Beach

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    Gornji Muli Beach
    Gornji Muli Beach - Gornji Muli Beach in Rogoznica

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    Gornji Muli Beach in Rogoznica
    Gornji Muli Beach - Rogoznica - Gornji Muli

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    Rogoznica - Gornji Muli
    Gornji Muli Beach - Tourist village Ruzmarin near Gornji Muli Beach

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    Tourist village Ruzmarin near Gornji Muli Beach
    Gornji Muli Beach - Parking area

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    Parking area