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Vrsar is a picturesque town, only about ten kilometers from Porec . The place is recognizable as a typical Istrian castle settlement. People used to be engaged in viticulture and fishing, but today tourism predominates.
There are a number of islets scattered on the sea, which emphasize the picturesqueness of the surroundings. There were Illyrian forts on the surrounding hills, which is a special feature of the Istrian landscape, especially around the hinterland of the Lim Bay. Traces of the Roman settlement of Ursaria remain in the port and the surrounding area, such as villas and aqueducts. The ancient settlement stretched along the seashore. Ancient quarries are nearby, and tombs with barbecues have also been found. Later, the settlement was moved to the hill and fortified. Apart from the fort, only the western city gate has survived from medieval Vrsar. The most important cultural monument is the Romanesque church of St. Mary, which was built in the 12th century near the foundations of an earlier early Christian church. The development of the city has greatly accelerated tourism. Along the coast, near the port, there is a motor camp and a hotel settlement in a pine grove.
Lush vegetation and the coast, which gradually descends into the sea with flat rocks and beaches, is ideal for swimming. On the nearby island of Koversada is a famous tourist camp that attracts many domestic and foreign guests.


Vrsar - Old Town Centre

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Vrsar - Marina

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Vrsar - City Beach

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Vrsar - Montraker

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