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Zagreb is the largest and the capital town of Croatia. It is home to about a quarter of Croatia's total population, which means nearly one million. It is the political, cultural, economic, scientific and administrative centre of the Republic of Croatia.
Here is also the seat of the Croatian Government, Parliament and President. From the north, the city is protected from the cold winds by the Medvednica Mountain, while the Sava River and the vast plain opens it to other parts of the world. The town was built in the Middle Ages on two neighboring hills, which are Gradec, the present Upper Town and the Kaptol. The differences between them were finally eliminated in 1850, when the two cities merged into one, the city of Zagreb. It was first mentioned in 1094, when the diocese was founded. From the very beginning, Zagreb was a true Croatian metropolis. With attractions such as the Art Pavillion, the Croatian National Theater, the University Library, the Academy of Sciences and Arts, many galleries, museums and beautiful parks, Zagreb always had had the atmosphere of the Central European cultural place. Almost all of Zagreb's cultural and city attractions are located in the centre of the old town. The heart of the city and the main meeting point for local people is the picturesque Ban Jelacic Square. Due to its charming cafes, garden terraces, fine restaurants and especially cultivated parks, Zagreb is one of the most attractive cities.
Everything in Zagreb is accessible on foot – from your hotel to the museum, wandering through the streets of the modern Lower Town or the old Upper Town. At its center, Upper Town is the site of the Gothic, Zagreb Cathedral and Saint Mark's Church.

Most Beautiful Trips

Zagreb - Botanical Garden

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Zagreb - Ban Jelacic Square

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Zagreb - Ban Jelacic statue

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Zagreb - Cvjetni trg Square

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Zagreb - King Tomislav square

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Zagreb - Croatian national theatre

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Zagreb - Mimara Museum

Photo: 70117000-1

Zagreb - Museum of Arts and Crafts

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Zagreb - Park Zrinjevac

Photo: 70119100-29

Zagreb - Oktogon (Passage)

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Zagreb - Railway station

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Zagreb - Starcevic square

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Zagreb - Church of St Mary

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Zagreb - St Ciril St Metod Street

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Zagreb - Illyrian Square

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Zagreb - Funicular

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Zagreb - Dolac Market

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Zagreb - Jesuit square

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Zagreb - Kaptol street

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Zagreb - Catherine square

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Zagreb - Church of St Catherine

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Zagreb - Lotrscak tower

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Zagreb - Opaticka street

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Zagreb - Park Opatovina

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Zagreb - St George statue

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Zagreb - Stone Gate

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Zagreb - Strossmayer Promenade

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Zagreb - Tkalcic street

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Zagreb - St Mark Square

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Zagreb - Ban Court

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Zagreb - Church of St Mark

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