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Zambratija is a small village in Umag municipality in Istria County in Croatia. It got its name from the Koper nobleman Zuane Bratti, the owner of the medieval fief that included today's Zambratija, the surrounding area, the nearby Sipar Peninsula, and Romanija.
The only sacral structure in Zambratija is the Saint Mary Magdalene church in the centre of the village. Although it was mentioned for the first time in the 14th century when the nearby Sipar fief became property of the Bratti family from Koper, because of its characteristic form it might originate even from the early Christian period. This is a structure featuring a simple rectangular nave with direct access to a semi-circular sanctuary. It was restored in 1752, as inscribed into a plate on the church's front, when it got its bell gable and pyramidal ornaments on the front elevation. During the sixties of the 20th century the main entrance into the church was closed and the laternal one, still in use, opened. The underwater area of today's Zambratija Bay is a real archeological treasury. Due to the natural changes that took place during the last few millenniums all underwater archeological finds initially positioned on land or along the sea shore were submerged. The existence of a submerged prehistoric pile-dwelling settlement from the Copper Age was determined from the remains of the wooden posts. The prehistoric settlement, today at the depth between 2.5 and 3.2 m stretched over 10.000 sq.m and consisted of houses built on oak posts. At the depth of 2.2 m, wooden remains of a prehistoric boat were discovered. The boat's oak structure was sewn together with rope pulled through holes at the brim of the planking. It is the oldest boat of this type in the Mediterranean.
The Roman Period was marked by the construction of a Roman villa, positioned at the waterfront of the southern part of today's Zambratija Bay. The Roman villa was a constituent part of a large Roman estate that stretched from Zambratija to the Montarol Peninsula.


Zambratija - Zambratija

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Zambratija - Information board - Zambratija

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Information board - Zambratija
Zambratija - Road through Zambratija in the direction of Savudrija

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Road through Zambratija in the direction of Savudrija
Zambratija - Road in the direction of Umag

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Road in the direction of Umag
Zambratija - Coast

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Zambratija - Pier to lift boats

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Pier to lift boats
Zambratija - Boats

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Zambratija - Beach

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