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Photos Selling

Number of All Photos on HR-CRO - Croatia: 11013

Photos Prices

Photos Prices (max resoultion 3216x2136 ali 2272x1704):
  • 1 photo: 10 EUR
  • 10 photos: 90 EUR
  • 20 photos: 160 EUR
  • 50 photos: 300 EUR
  • 100 photos: 500 EUR
Terms of use in the case of the upper prices:
  • photos can be used only on web
  • each photo can be used more times but only inside same domain
  • you don't have to mention the author of the photo
  • there is no time limitation of using the photos
  • it is forbidden to sell the photos

Please contact us on email in case if you want to use the photos for purpuses that are not included in the upper terms of use.

How to order the photos?

1. Photos Selection

  1. Find a place for which you need the photo. For example Dubrovnik You can use also search field in the upper right corner.
  2. Find the photo that you would like to have (with a click on the thumbnail you can see bigger photo)
  3. Position mouse cursor on the selected photo.
  4. In the upper part of the thumbnail you can see photo ID that is combine from two numbers connected with dash (for example 192-0).
  5. Write/copy photo ID.
  6. Repeat the procedure for all photos that you want to order.

2. Photos Order

You should send the list of IDs for selected photos on email

You must write also the domain that will use these photos, payer data and email (or address) where to send invoice. You should also write the address (FTP, Dropbox, etc.) where to send the photos.

3. Photos Sending

We send you the photos on the agreed address when invoice is payed.