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05. Aug 2018
Visnjan - Sundial
Visnjan - SundialSundial (sculptor Marjan Pajic)Park A. Korlevic - SundialSundial - Solar throne
05. Aug 2018
Visnjan - School
Primary School of Joze SuranVisnjan - Primary SchoolPrimary School
19. Jul 2018
Visnjan - Well
Visnjan - WellWell near the Town LoggiaWell dated in 1842
05. May 2018
Trg Pino Budicin SquareChurch of St. AnthonySincic PalaceOld Town CentreTown Gate (Serenissima Gate)Church of St. Cyricus and JulittaPark A. KorlevicaChurch of St. RoccoBell Tower
03. May 2018
Mramornica Cave
StalactitesMramornica Cave - Working hours, informationMramornica CaveReception and information boardsCut columnBrtonigla - Mramornica CaveInteresting stalactites in the Mramornica CaveView of the cave from distantPath in the Mramornica Cave
19. Jul 2017
Cathedral of St. LawrenceTrg Ivana Pavla II SquareChurch and Monastery of St. DominikCanalNorth (Inland) Town GateOld Ciovo BridgeSt. Peter ChurchChurch of All SaintsSouth (Sea) Town GateGreat Cipiko PalacePrimary School Petar Berislavic building
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