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Middle Dalmatia

Trogir - Riva (Seafront)
Omis - Peovica (Mirabela) Fortress
Marjan Forest Park - Telegrin-Top of Marjan
Trogir - Kamerlengo Fortress
Split - Stadium Poljud

Most Beautiful Trips - Middle Dalmatia

Split - Diocletian Palace
Omis - Peovica (Mirabela) Fortress
Trogir - Trogir Town Museum
Marjan Forest Park - Viewpoint
Trogir - Riva (Seafront)
Makarska - Coastal promenade

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    Dalmatia is a very large area, which is divided into Central, Northern and Southern Dalmatia. It is the largest tourist area in Croatia, characterized by beautiful beaches, close proximity to islands and cultural and historical sights.
    The most famous and popular areas in Central Dalmatia are the cities of Split, Trogir, Omis, the tourist center Makarska, the island of Brac and the island of Hvar. Split, or also the City under Marjan, is the largest and most important city in Dalmatia. The historic center of Split with the famous Diocletian's Palace was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The palace was built for the retired Roman emperor Diocletian and was a combination of a Roman military fortress and a luxurious villa. In the center of the palace was the emperor's mausoleum, which is today the Cathedral of St. Domnius.
    It is known for the portal, the work of Andrija Buvin, a painter and sculptor from the 13th century. The historical core of Trogir has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 due to its urban-architectural design dating back to antiquity, beautifully preserved Romanesque-Gothic architecture and Venetian-style buildings. Omis is located in the heart of Dalmatia at the mouth of the river Cetina into the sea, under the magnificent limestone walls of the Omaska Dinara. The old part of the city lies under bare steep walls and is intertwined with narrow streets and small squares. The town was once a famous pirate base, but today it invites visitors to rafting and boating on the river Cetinje.
    Makarska is a tourist town at the foot of the Biokovo mountains. It is known for one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, which is about two kilometers long and surrounded by a pine forest and park. The Franciscan monastery houses a rich collection of shells, and the monastery also has an interesting old library. The island of Brac is the largest island among the islands of Dalmatia and the third largest Croatian island. The climate on the island is very favorable. The highest peak on the island is Vidova gora, which is also the highest peak on the Adriatic islands. The island is best known for the beautiful beach Zlatni rat. The island of Hvar is one of the most attractive islands in the Adriatic.
    It is the most popular and sunny center of summer holidays for young people, which also hides one of the oldest theaters in Europe. It is characterized by olive groves, vineyards, fragrant lavender, picturesque settlements and monuments.

    Most Beautiful Trips

    Middle Dalmatia - Split <br> Diocletian Palace

    Photo: 40011000-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Split <br> Stadium Poljud

    Photo: 40020010-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Salona <br> Amphitheatre

    Photo: 40060010-2

    Middle Dalmatia - Gaspina Watermill

    Photo: 40100000-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Fortress Klis

    Photo: 40110000-36

    Middle Dalmatia - Omis

    Photo: 40200010-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Omis <br> Cetina River

    Photo: 40200100-3

    Middle Dalmatia - Omis <br> Old Town

    Photo: 40200120-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Omis <br> Peovica (Mirabela) Fortress

    Photo: 40200150-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Omis <br> Beach Punta

    Photo: 40200200-10

    Middle Dalmatia - Trogir <br> Kamerlengo Fortress

    Photo: 40300110-2

    Middle Dalmatia - Trogir <br> Church and Monastery of St. Dominik

    Photo: 40300150-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Trogir <br> Trg Ivana Pavla II Square

    Photo: 40300160-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Trogir <br> Cathedral of St. Lawrence

    Photo: 40300170-1

    Middle Dalmatia - Imotski <br> Topana Fortress

    Photo: 40400070-1

    Middle Dalmatia - Blue Lake <br> Viewpoint at the parking area

    Photo: 40400091-3

    Middle Dalmatia - Red Lake

    Photo: 40401000-5

    Middle Dalmatia - Makarska

    Photo: 40500010-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Makarska <br> Coastal promenade

    Photo: 40500020-1

    Middle Dalmatia - Makarska <br> Kacic Square

    Photo: 40500070-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Makarska <br> Forest Park Osejava

    Photo: 40500092-8

    Middle Dalmatia - Makarska <br> Town Beach

    Photo: 40500140-8


    Town Beach

    Middle Dalmatia - Brela

    Photo: 40510000-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Baska Voda

    Photo: 40520000-0

    Middle Dalmatia - Biokovo Nature Park <br> Viewpoint Skywalk

    Photo: 40530004-3

    Biokovo Nature Park

    Viewpoint Skywalk

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